Tamko Roofing Shingles

Tamko Roofing Shingles

High-quality craftsmanship requires the best roofing materials. The Roof Guys are proud contractors of Tamko roofing shingles. Tamko offers several lines of shingles to meet the needs of every Florida home and business owner.

Tamko® Roofing Shingles Lines

Tamko® carries several types of roofing shingles to provide varying degrees of durability and property protection. Tamko® offers their traditional 3-tab, several types of laminated asphalt, and steel shingles.


Traditional 3 Tab Shingles

Tamko offers cost-efficient traditional 3-tab shingles in their Elite Glass Seal series. These shingles offer the most basic protection and are constructed of asphalt and granite-coated fiberglass mat. Elite Glass Seal roofing shingles come with Tamko’s 5-Year Full Start Period coverage and a 25-Year Limited Warranty.


Popular Heritage Series 

The Tamko Heritage series of roofing shingles are a cost-efficient and durable option for home roofing protection. These asphalt shingles are reinforced by a fiberglass mat and textured cut to provide a layered appearance. The Heritage series is the most popular line of Tamko roofing shingles for visual beauty and durability during high wind and rainfall.

There are several variations in style and coverage available from this standard line, including Heritage Vintage, Premium, and Woodgate. Warranties range from 10-Year coverage to a 30-Year Full Start Period depending on which shingles you choose. 


StormFighter IR

The StormFighter IR is a class 4 impact-rated shingle that provides exceptional protection against high winds. These shingles are constructed of laminated fiberglass asphalt and double reinforced by a polyester mat.

The StormFighter IR is ideal for Florida weather conditions and offers a wind warranty of up to 160 MPH..


Titan XT Shingles

Titan XT Tamko roofing shingles combine multiple features to provide maximum protection against extreme weather.

The Titan XT provides 160 MPH wind resistance, anti-aging materials, and an AnchorLock layer of protection.


Steel Shingles

Tamko manufactures several high-quality steel shingles in their MetalWorks line, including StoneCrest Slate, StoneCrest Tile, and AstonWood.

For those who prefer a softer, more even-
toned look for their roof, choose one of

TAMKO’s Classic Colors featuring the subtle,
sophisticated color blends that have long
made TAMKO an industry favorite.

America’s Natural Colors bring the vibrant
tones of the American landscape to your
home. If you want your roof to make a bold
and beautiful visual statement, choose
from America’s Natural Colors.

Tamko® Shingle Color Options

Tamko® shingles are known for their vivid colors, including lively, warm, and Earthy tones that are inspired by nature. There are also lines of traditional colors, including cedar, black, redwood, and many more color options to choose from.


Tamko® Shingle Color Options:


Autumn Brown

Black Walnut

Rustic Black

Desert Sand

Oxford Grey

Rustic Slate

Weathered Wood

Rustic Hickory

Rustic Cedar

Shadow Grey

Glacier White

Olde English Pewter

Harvest Gold

Mountain Slate

Natural Timber

Painted Desert

Thunderstorm Grey

Tamko® Provides Roofing Protection

Tamko® provides property owners with an extensive line of advanced features and warranties that ensure protection for years to come. 

Tamko® Shingle Features Include:

  • 15-Year Limited Wind Warranty
  • High-Wind Protection
  • 10-Year Algae Cleaning Limited Warranty
  • Anti-Aging Granules
  • Sealants
  • AnchorLock


Reach out to a roofing expert today to learn more about Tamko® roofing shingles or for advice about another brand. 

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