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Applying a roof coating to your commercial roof will help beat the excessive Florida heat during the summer months, while increasing the durability for the tough Florida storms. Commercial roof coatings can benefit many types of commercial and industrial buildings. Warehouses, industrial plants, retail outlets, hotels, apartment complexes, offices, commercial buildings and more – roof coatings offer low maintenance, reliability, and energy efficiency.

No Tear-Offs

  • No disruption to occupants. With roof restoration coatings, there is no need to close the building during installation. The nontoxic formulations mean no disruption to occupants and no interruption of business
  • Lightweight solution. Unlike traditional roof replacement, roof coatings provide a lightweight yet durable solutions to roofing needs. It’s ounces, not pounds, per square foot.


Extend The Life Of Your Roof

  • Longer building life cycle. Roof restoration coatings are installed onto existing roofs to extend the roof’s service life up to 40 years.
  • Great weatherability. When correctly applied, roof restoration coatings are resistant to blistering, chalking, checking, cracking and flaking — protecting the roof from further weathering and degradation.


Seamless Waterproofing

  • Proven performance. Roof restoration coatings are fully adhered and monolithic (seamless), protecting the investment and providing maximum durability.


Energy & Utility Savings

  • Designed to reflect solar radiation and reduce roof surface temperature, which helps lower interior temperatures as well as energy costs.
  • Cost-Saving installation. Roof restoration coatings are typically easier to install and maintain than a conventional tear-off roof and also eliminate unnecessary construction waste. This means such projects generally cost a fraction of the price of a new roof installation.
  • Tax Benefits. Because roof maintenance jobs are often deductible in the first year, some building owners realize a tax benefit when using Roof restoration coatings on their roofs.
  • Utility rebates. Some utility companies offer rebates to building owners who conserve energy by using white reflective roof coatings. Local utility companies can provide more details about their energy rebate programs. Customers can find further information regarding energy savings at


Sustainable Solutions

  • Significant energy savings. According to, having a white, reflective roof reduces the roof’s surface temperature by up to 100 °F (black to white), significantly decreasing the amount of heat transferred into the building and reducing peak cooling demands. Higher reflectivity = lower energy consumption and lower cooling costs.
  • No tear-offs reduces roofing materials in landfills
  • Maximize your annual budget dollars year over year.

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Commercial Roof Leaking?

Stop costly roof leaks with high performance roof coating.

Commercial Roof Leaking?

Stop costly roof leaks with high performance roof coating.

Commercial Roof Rusting?

Stop damaging rust and restore the curb appeal with a new roof coating.

Commercial Roof Rusting?

Stop damaging rust and restore the curb appeal with a new roof coating.

Commercial Roof Energy Savings?

Increase your buildings efficiency with a reflective roof coating.

roof warranty

Commercial Roof Energy Savings?

Increase your buildings efficiency with a reflective roof coating.

Roof Coatings FAQs

Is a roof coating the right choice for my roof?

Roof coatings can serve as a viable roofing solution for many roof substrates. The following substrates are suitable for using reflective roof coatings and are ideal for metal roofs, single-ply roofs, built-up roofs, modified bitumen, TPO/PVC, EPDM, and more. To best determine what coating solution is right for you, have a qualified roofing specialist from The Roof Guys provide a free assessment.

What energy benefits are there to roof coatings?

According to, A "cool roof" is made of a material or has a coating that can lower the roof surface temperature, decreasing the heat transferred into a commercial building. Generally, traditional roofs absorb sunlight during the day, heating the building and the surrounding air. Roofs that are lighter in color or are reflective stay cooler than roofs that absorb sunlight.

How do I know if my roof qualifies for a roof coating?

Determining if a roof coating is suitable for you or if a replacement of the roof substrate is necessary is a detailed task that requires an assessment from a highly qualified roofing professional. Frequently, to the delight of a building owner, a roof coating creates a great solution to their roofing needs and ultimately saves them a lot of money. The Roof Guys have on staff a Registered Roof Observer with over 20 years in the commercial roof and coatings field to help you make such a determination. Contact us today for your free roof assessment.

How will a coating help me with leaks?

Water can hurt any business's pocketbook when it results in a leaking roof. Water issues could also manifest themselves with ponding water on the roof. A qualified professional should perform a moisture intrusion assessment. The Roof Guys have the skilled staff to perform such an assessment, qualify the extent of this issue, and adequately address it for your building.

Should I use an acrylic or silicone-based roof coating?

Qualifying what roof coating technology is best for your building depends on several factors. Some factors include the roof substrate material, the condition of the roof substrate, and the construction and layout of the building's roofing system. Upon assessment, The Roof Guys representative will provide any available options for your roofing needs.

What kind of savings will I experience with a roof coating versus a conventional roof replacement?

Roof coatings provide significant cost savings when being compares with conventional roofing alternatives and also eliminate unnecessary construction waste. Reroofing costs can exceed $25 per square foot, while fluid applied systems provide solution for a fraction of the cost. It is not unrealistic to see savings of 50% or more with fluid applied roofing systems versus conventional roofing alternatives.

Are roof coating safe for the environment?

The roof coating technology The Roof Guys uses is non-toxic and does not require hot kettles or flames during installation. Applying roof coatings is a safe process with significant environmental benefits. By lowering the surface temperature of your commercial building, you can also improve your business's carbon footprint. Beyond that, a roof coating does not require the extensive material disposal that a tear-off would of your existing roof. Liquid-applied roof coating is an environmentally responsible way to address the roofing needs of your business.

What is the warranty on my roof coating?

The catalog used by The Roof Guys for roof coatings is extensive, and your product warranty will be determined by what product you choose to apply to your building. Your Roof Guys Representative will provide you with sound recommendations. The warranties range from 5 Years to a limited Lifetime Warranty. The Roof Guys also serves as an industry leader by providing one of the industry's most comprehensive Workmanship and Labor warranties.

How long will it take to coat my roof?

No two buildings are the same; several factors may dictate the duration of your project. Factors such as weather conditions, the condition of the roofing substrate, and the size of the building will all play a role in determining how long your coating project will take.

What is involved in my roof assessment?

When you have representatives from The Roof Guys assess your roof, it will involve a site visit to observe the current roofing substrate's condition and, when appropriate, a moisture intrusion assessment. Thorough documentation of the roof condition will be taken by drone footage and walking the roof. A full report and estimate for your roof coating will be compiled and provided within 24 hours of your site visit.

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