General Storm Damage, Hurricane Damage, or Wind Damage

Here at The Roof Guys, we pride ourselves on only offering the highest quality products and materials on the market for all your premier roofing needs. Furthermore, we understand that living in Florida—while often a lovely and luxurious experience—comes with its share of seasonal weather woes. Having proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean certainly comes with some great benefits, but when extreme wet weather hits, the resulting storm damage can often be severe.


Luckily, The Roof Guys are ready to help you not only prepare for any inclement weather that may come your way, but also repair any storm damage your home may incur. Whether the weather be general storms, hurricanes, or high speed winds; The Roof Guys have you covered! We enjoy talking to you about your needs, providing you with supreme options that best suit your home, offering suggestions to keep your project affordable, and explaining how our proven installation techniques support our high-quality materials. Whatever questions you have, we have answers!

general storm damage can cause water to pond on your roof

General Storm Damage

Storms bring rain, and when rain accumulates on your roof in rapid time, it can create a lot of stress on its structure and a whole host of other problems. General storm damage can cause water to leak down through your ceilings and drip into your living spaces. Unfortunately, this is not as simple a fix as a well-placed bucket underneath the dripping area.

Don’t let general storm damage put your home in a damp and soggy state, contact The Roof Guys today for a free estimate and let us help you find a solution to your problem!

hurricane damage can severly impact your roof in Florida

Hurricane Damage

Of all the hazardous weather residents of Florida face, perhaps none are more perilous than the hurricanes that rise out of the surrounding tropical waters on an annual basis. Every year, hurricanes start churning at wind speeds of at least 74 mph, and the rains and flooding they bring alongside them can be catastrophic for your home in general, but especially your roof.

That’s why The Roof Guys are proud to offer a quick guide to making sure you, your family, and your home are hurricane-prepared. Additionally, should your roof fall victim to hurricane damage, there’s no one better qualified to fix whatever problems your roof may encounter. Contact us today for a free estimate and let us help you get your roof looking right again!

wind damage can rip and destroy shingles right off your roof

Wind Damage

High winds aren’t just a hurricane problem, as they can whip up at any time of year. When they wreak havoc, the resulting wind damage can rip shingles clean off your roof! This not only leaves your roof looking unsightly from your home’s exterior, but it may even expose your attic or top level of your home to the elements, creating additional problems that will cost you even more money to fix.

Thankfully, The Roof Guys have been installing and re-shingling roofs all over Florida for nearly two decades, and we are happy to help you brace yourself against wind damage or repair any parts of your roof that have fallen victim to extreme gales and gusts. Contact us today for a free estimate and we’ll leave your roof with not a shingle out of place!


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