Benefits of Hiring The Roof Guys and The Solar Guys for Your Next Project

Thousands of Florida Homeowners every year suffer from property damage as a result of high-speed winds and heavy rainfall caused by extreme weather systems. In recent years, these storm systems have become stronger and are occurring more frequently. The duration of the Atlantic hurricane season has also continued to steadily increase.

Are you a homeowner in need of reliable home contracting services in the Central Florida area? The ever-rising frequency of these tropical storms increases the risk that you could become the victim of residential property damage. 

The experts at  The Roof Guys and The Solar Guys are ready to help provide Florida residents with the most experienced and reliable home contractor services. Together these home improvement professionals provide an extensive list of premier roofing services and innovative alternative home energy solutions.

Continue reading as we reveal the top benefits of hiring The Roof Guys and/or the Solar Guys for your next project. 

Honest Contracting Services

Roofing the villages, fl

Some contractors intentionally provide homeowners with unfair cost estimates for dishonest contracting services. These fraudulent services have the potential to result in thousands of dollars worth of damages for homeowners who fall victim to these schemes. 

It is important to reach out to an experienced and reliable contractor immediately if a Florida storm causes damage to your home roofing system. Extensive water damage can occur even when damages appear to be minimal. 

The professionals at The Roof Guys are happy to assess your home roof and provide you with an honest estimate of the damages. Best of all, The Roof Guys are confident in these services and offer them to Florida residents at no charge.   

The Solar Guys are also committed to providing honest services to homeowners throughout the area. The Solar Guys demonstrate this commitment by employing honest, reliable, and highly trained energy technicians.

Exceptional Workmanship 

roofing the villages florida

Less reputable contractors may advertise low prices and fast installation, but oftentimes, these services are at the expense of quality and workmanship.

Some contractors cut corners to reduce operating costs. So, it’s no surprise that cheap roofing materials and poor installation practices are responsible for most cases of premature roofing damages.  

The Roof Guys and Solar Guys are both committed to using materials from reliable brands and providing the highest level of workmanship. 

Accredited Roofing and Solar Energy Products and Services

The Roof Guys and the Solar Guys are both licensed and accredited contractors in the State of Florida and have earned an A+ rating from the BBB. 

As GAF Master Elite Certified roofers, The Roof Guys are backed by a leading manufacturer of durable and reliable roofing materials. Achieving this certification is an honor that is awarded to fewer than 2% of roof contractors in the United States. 

Customers who choose contractors who are GAF-certified reap numerous benefits, including extended warranty coverages and guaranteed workmanship.

Licensed Solatube Skylight Contractor 

roofing experts doing Skylight Replacement

Solar power is cleaner, safer, and more sustainable than traditional energy sources. Access to solar energy products has increased significantly and has allowed more American families than ever before to take advantage of solar-powered home energy solutions. 

Unfortunately, illegitimate solar product manufacturers do exist. These fraudulent companies will often use unjustifiably low prices to attract and prey on homeowners. These companies then sell fake solar panels to customers that are advertised as easy to self-install. 

Homeowners quickly discover that these solar products are fraudulent. In some cases, homeowners suffer from additional losses when home roofing and/or gutters are damaged in an attempt to install their fake solar panels. 

Choose a team of energy experts who are committed to providing Florida homeowners with reliable solar home energy solutions. The Solar Guys is a licensed provider of Solatube Skylights, a modern way to utilize renewable energy from the sun. Solatube Skylights are an innovative solution that features both day and nighttime home lighting capabilities.

Physical Safety

Thousands of people every year sustain serious injuries after falling off of a ladder during a home improvement project. Don’t become another ladder injury statistic. Protect yourself by reaching out to the reliable contractors at The Solar Guys and/or the Roof Guys for your future home improvement projects. 

Property Damage Protection 

Skilled team members from both organizations work together to ensure that residential homes are not damaged during work performed by either organization. 

Full Line-Up of Premier Services 

The Solar Guys and The Roof Guys both provide an extensive list of premier contracting services. 

The Roof Guys provides reliable and dependable roofing contractor services, including certified inspections, shingle repairs, and total roof replacements. Residents are encouraged to reach out to The Roof Guys immediately for a free estimate if they believe that any damages may have occurred as a result of a storm. 

The Solar Guys offer an extensive line of premier home energy services and solutions, including solar skylights, attic ventilation, and garage door installation services.  

Decades of Roofing and Solar Energy Contracting Experience 

central florida roofing inspections

The Roof Guys and The Solar Guys have decades of experience in providing the best residential contracting services and alternative energy solutions. 

Reach out to reliable roofing contractors and a team of innovative solar energy experts for help with your next project. Call 1-866-641-1963 today to schedule an appointment or visit online for more information about premier roofing repairs, replacements, and advanced home energy solutions. 



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