Solar Roof Vents

Solar roof vents are a smart and affordable way to cool your attic space, also cooling your house, with little installation time. The Solar Star Conversion Kit transforms any roof vent into an eco-friendly solar powered vent. They are perfect for power vents, dormer vents, gable vents and even whirly birds. The kit helps to boost the performance of existing passive vents and transforms energy consuming and noisy vents into quiet solar powered vents.

Solar roof vents are powered by the sun. There is no electrical hook ups, no need for a professional electrician and requires no cost to operate. You can choose any sunny roof location to install the small and attractive solar panel. You can transform your existing attic vent into an active solar powered solution with our interior mount attic fan.

Florida can get into the high 90’s during the summer and the humidity can be suffocating at times. This heat and humidity can get trapped inside your attic and radiate through your insulation and ceiling into your living space. Once the heat is in your house, your air conditioning does not work as effectively and you might even bump up the thermostat to compensate for the heat inside the house. Using help to disperse the heat trapped in your attic making your living space more comfortable, saving you on your utility bills and maintenance costs of your AC unit and extending the lifespan of your unit as well as the life of your roof. Solar roof vents also help to eliminate moisture that might get trapped that would cause fungus and wood decay.

Our year round sun makes solar power a viable option for many applications. The Solar Guys have it figured out with a variety of solar roof vents, ceramic window coatings and natural daylighting options that are sure to save you money long term while remaining affordable solutions to your high electric bills and excessive cost of maintenance on the equipment you need to stay comfortable in your home. We started as a small home based business but have grown to one of the leaders in the daylighting and solar powered industries. We are committed to the environment, our customers and our employees by maintaining honest and fair business dealings and offering quality products such as solar roof vents and attic fans, ceramic window tints and Solatube solar tubes.

It is time you decided how you want to spend your money. Do you want to continue to pay high utility bills? Do you want to spend your savings on maintenance costs of equipment? Or would you prefer to save that money for a vacation or a fun time out with the family? Contact The Solar Guys today and invest in solar roof vents!


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