Fall Roof Problems: Common Issues in Florida

the roof guys can help with common fall roofing problems

In Florida, fall can be the perfect time to have your roof inspected. Florida’s weather offers a lovely tropical climate year-round, but also includes a summer with extreme heat and humidity. Worse yet, later-season tropical storms and thunderstorms that bring heavy rain, winds, downed tree limbs, and more can cause fall roof problems that requires repairs. 

Sometimes, roofing problems are small and easily fixed. At other times, the damage needs addressing with a new roof. In the fall, a professional inspection by a trusted roofing company such as The Roof Guys can help you determine the extent of any damage and prescribe the needed solution to keep your home and family safe. When your roof suffers damage, it can affect the structural integrity of your home and the safety of everyone inside. 

Whether you need minor repairs or a new roof, here are the common roofing problems you should be concerned about this fall:

Common Fall Roof Problems

storm damage falling tree limbs and leaks are all common roof problems

Unless you are in the northernmost parts of Florida, you don’t have to worry about fall and winter woes like ice, snow, sleet, and such; however, there are plenty of other issues that can cause roof problems which need immediate attention: 

  • Storm Damage  –  Storms are common occurrences in Florida, often bringing with them rain, wind, and hail damage. Water damage from heavy rains can weaken your roof and cause moisture problems, including leaks. If left unchecked, mold and mildew may grow, which can lead to rotting and structural damage. Storms often come with high winds that can break or blow off shingles and cause debris or broken limbs to come crashing down on your roof. Punctures, structural damage, and more can follow. In addition, if stormy weather brings hail, holes and dings can mangle your roof further.
  • Condensation – Condensation occurs when a cool surface encounters warm air. It often occurs in Florida attics without proper ventilation. Condensation in your attic can quickly lead to mold and mildew; potentially damaging your home’s interior, roof, and even its decking.
  • Trees and Tree Limbs – If trees surround your home, overhanging branches can cause surface damage, but falling branches and limbs are one of the most common causes of roof damage. Whether the limbs are the result of a dying tree or a stormy night, you’ll want to keep your trees properly maintained with trimming that provides several feet of clearance from your roof. As a bonus, when your trees are trimmed back to a distance of six feet or more, you can keep smaller animals from accessing your roof and causing their own special kinds of damage!
  • Algae and Moss – Algae thrives in Florida’s humidity and warmth, while moss sustains itself in both humid and rainy conditions. They can weaken your roof’s structure by causing damage and in some cases may even force a roof collapse.
  • Leaky Flashing – Flashing is the metal strips that run along the ridges, corners, and edges of your roofs, as well as around skylights and vents. If not properly installed, the flashings can pull away from the roof during storms, resulting in damaging leaks.
  • Sun – While the Florida sunshine is beautiful, its extreme heat and radiation can cause your roof to deteriorate. You will likely notice decay, warping shingles, and cracking as a result of sun damage.

Assessing the Damage of Common Roofing Problems

roofing experts Re Roofing

In Florida, these types of problems can arise virtually year-round due to the climate. Fortunately, fall is a great time of year to assess any previous roof damage. Being diligent about the condition of your roof will ultimately save you from major damage, while saving you time and money.  Your roof is a crucial structural element of your home, protecting it and providing shelter and safety for your family. 

Have your roof inspected by a roofing company with the answers to your questions and the solutions you need, whether minor repairs or a full roof replacement. The Roof Guys will see that your job gets done with the highest quality materials and workmanship, providing you with the proper solution for the long term. 

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