Common Roof Problems in Florida

The climate of Florida is well-known and loved by locals and visitors, but the truth is Florida’s weather can wreak havoc on roofs in the region. From hurricanes to high temperatures, humidity to hailstorms, high winds to thunderstorms, the weather in the Sunshine State causes lots of roof problems.

Summer is the worst time for roofs and often causes varying levels of damage from minor problems like missing shingles to major structural damage. Of course, even minor damage left untreated can develop into more extensive damage to your roof.

Let’s explore some common roof issues in Florida so you can keep your roof in the best repair.

Long Term Wear 

Common Roof Problems Florida - Damaged Roof Shingles

While often when you hear of roof problems you think of severe weather damage such as a roof being blown off or a fallen tree causing structural damage, the fact is the most common roof issue comes from long term wear and tear.

Constant wear from storms, humidity, high temperatures, and trees near the home can cause leaks, broken or torn shingles, ponding, moisture, and blow-offs. Here’s more:

  • LeaksRoof leaks are the most common problem and, in most cases, can be easily repaired when attended to quickly. On the other hand, when leaks are left unattended, they can cause serious damage, even deterioration of your roof structure. The problem is, unless your roof leak presents with an obvious cause, like a tree branch poking through it, leaks can be difficult to detect. Given the difficulty in finding the cause of a roof leak, calling on a professional roofing team, like The Roof Guys, for a complete evaluation, is the best way to resolve the problem quickly and without further damage to your roof.
  • Damaged Shingles – Damage to shingles often occurs with wear, but other factors can also cause similar problems. Missing shingles and blow-offs, torn or broken shingles, curled or brittle shingles – all require repair or replacement. As with leaks, a roof inspection by the experts can determine the extent of the damage and guide you in choosing the best solution for your shingle damage.
  • Ponding – Ponding water on the roof is a problem, after all, if your roof was professionally designed and installed, there should be no areas of ponding. If you notice ponding, following a storm, it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible, because allowing it to occur over time will cause major damage to your roof.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Common Roof Problems - Damaged Gutters

Unlike long term wear, extreme weather conditions – hail, gale force winds, and lightning strikes – cause immediate, obvious damage to your roof. Since these weather conditions are common occurrences in the state of Florida, roof damage often follows. Of particular concern are hailstorms in which balls of ice cause serious damage, particularly to asphalt shingles. Wind damage is also frequent due to tropical storms and hurricanes high winds. These winds can also cause trees to topple onto your roof, causing structural damage, leaks, and more. Though lightning strikes are less common, when they happen, trees can fall onto roofs as a result. Following any storm, homeowners should look for clear signs of damage.

Here are some of the issues caused by severe weather conditions in Florida.

  • Extensive Structural Damage – Major structural damage to your roof can occur when trees or tree limbs fall on your roof as a result of storms and accompanying high winds. Damage can come in the form of punctures to collapse. Following structural damage, your expert roofing professional can help you decide if repair or replacement offers the best results and value.
  • Blow-Offs – Following a tropical storm or hurricane, blow-off damage removes the finished roofing from a section or from your structure in its entirety. In extreme cases, roofing felt, and sheathing may also be blown off. Following extensive blow off damages, your room will need to be replaced.
  • Damaged Flashing, gutters, and downspouts – Damaged flashing, gutters, and downspouts often come with extreme weather. Flashing is designed to keep water from building materials and structures which are easily damaged by excess moisture. Gutters and downspouts prevent flooding and moisture damage. When any of these components is damaged, they should be repaired immediately to protect your structure.
  • Damaged SkylightsSkylights are often damaged in storms, the result of hail or windblown debris cracking the glass. In some cases, repair means replacing a glass panel; at other times, a new skylight unit is required.

The Roof Guys Solve Roof Problems 

When you have roof damage, large or small, The Roof Guys are ready to help with a complete roof inspection to determine the extent of your problem. A roof inspection allows minor repairs to be completed, thus avoiding major issues in the future.

In the event of extensive damage from extreme weather, The Roof Guys can help determine the best course of action for repairs or replacement for the long term. At The Roof Guys, we will deliver high-quality repairs or replacement of your roof to provide the best protection for your home and family. Contact us today for any roof concerns at 1-866-259-2364.



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