Heat and moisture are fine when you’re on vacation but when it comes to your attic, you want it as cool and dry as possible. To achieve this goal, solar powered attic fans are the way to go.

Our product is called Solar Star attic fans, which are run by the suns hot rays alone. Our attic fans do not require any additional electricity. Investing in solar powered attic fans is the most efficient way to keep your attic cool, dispel additional moisture, and to keep your electric bill lowered.

During the summer, solar powered attic fans keep your home cool and decrease any extreme heat buildup in your home. During the winter, these fans help reduce moisture. Keeping out all the additional water droplets that can make your attic their home will increase the longevity of your roof life, stretching your hard earned dollar even more. (Plus it’s one less thing to worry about during the holidays up north if your roof isn’t falling into your attic because of the water/snow buildup on/in your roof).

Having a solar powered attic fan is also very Eco-friendly, reducing your carbon footprint on our world. With it’s solar-powered design you’re not only making the best of your current available natural resources, you’re also reducing your electricity consumption. Over years, this consumption adds up and you can give yourself a pat on the back for knowing you did your part in helping preserve our earth.

Our solar powered attic fans are compatible with all types of roof designs and architecture builds. After installation, your roof will not be prone to any leaks or drips. Our snug fit design will mold into your attic and roof flawlessly with it’s seamless one piece Steel Flashing and Powder Coated Steeling Housing. Our fans are easy to install. There’s no extensive wiring, long assembly, mess, or electrical fire hazard. It’s straightforward and fast. It takes relatively 45 minutes to install. To ease your nerves and as a promise to you, we offer a Lifetime Installation Warranty. Once the fan and panels are installed, there they will remain. Our fans and solar panels are made to handle some of the most inclement of weather. The solar power panel screen is coated in a non-corrosive polymeric integral vent screen, keeping out the worst of the weather. The Solar Star attic fans are even Hurricane Zone Rated.

We want you to make a fully informed decision about our product. We would like to share with you more information about our Solar Star solar powered attic fans.


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