Tubular Skylights

Have you been considering adding skylights to your home? Solatube tubular skylights are the way to go! Whether you want to bring more natural light into your home or you just want to reduce your lighting bill, this product is for you!

Solatube tubular skylights aren’t just any old solar tube – they use breakthrough technology to better harness and use the sun’s natural light. With the technology used by Solatube, these tubes can move light more than thirty feet to ensure that your home is lit just the way you want it. These skylights deliver light to areas that traditional skylights can’t reach, and involve minimal solar heat gain. Not only that, but the installation is fast, clean, and easy. One of our experts can install your new Solatube skylight in under two hours and without any of the mess and construction of regular skylights!

One benefit of tubular skylights over traditional skylights is the light management. Solatube skylights capture low-angle sunlight while rejecting any that will be overpowering. The technology utilized by the Solatube skylight’s dome automatically adjusts daylight harvesting to create more consistent light than traditional skylights. There is a minimal loss of light through reflection as well, so almost all of the light captured by the solar tubes can be used to light your home.

Once the light harvested by your tubular skylights reaches the end of the tube, there are a number of fixtures that it could filter through. There’s the classic Vusion diffuser that will blend into your ceiling while showering the room with natural light. There are also other fixtures that don’t protrude into the room that they light, including JustFrost (clean and contemportary), OptiView (dazzling and artful), and TierDrop (Cascading and classic). We also offer more prominent fixtures, such as VividShade (chic and modern), QuadraFrost (stunning and stylish), and AuroraGlo (a commanding design). Choose the fixture that best fits your room, and enjoy natural light in a way that shows your style.

There are so many benefits to Solatube skylights! They are consistent and energy efficient, letting in more light than traditional skylights without the shifting pattern. They also are energy efficient, letting in maximum light with minimum heat gain – they are even Energy Star rated! With the versatility of both the fixtures and the areas in your home that these lights can reach, they are clearly the superior choice. With so many benefits to offer, why wouldn’t you want Solatube skylights? Let our experts help you get started! You too can change the way you light your house by investing in tubular skylights!


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