Solar powered attic fans can lengthen the life of your air conditioner and reduce your cooling bill at the same time. Think of this – your air conditioner works hard to keep your house cool so that you can stay comfortable even during the hot summer months. What your air conditioner does not cool is your attic. While the sun beats down on your house, your attic gets hotter and hotter. This heat leaks into your house, forcing your air conditioner to work even harder to maintain comfortable interior temperatures. By investing in solar powered attic fan you can take some of the pressure off of your air conditioner without adding any pressure to your electric bill.

Solar powered attic fans harness the power of the sun to help cool your attic. These fans circulate air and ventilate your attic, keeping the heat from building up. As your attic stays cooler, your home will stay cooler as well. Your air conditioner won’t have to work nearly as hard to keep your home comfortable, which will extend its life while reducing your cooling bill.

No matter what style of roof you have, we have an attic fan to suit your needs. For a low sloped roof with a smaller area you might want a classic roof mount fan. If you have a steep sloped roof with a large or small area, or a low sloped roof with a large area you will be better off with a more robust roof mount fan. In situations where there are gable vents, dormer vents, whirlybirds or powered vents, an interior mount may be the best option.

If you’re concerned about the added cost of solar powered attic fans – relax! They cost nothing to run because they use the sun as a power source. Once you choose the right fan for your attic and have it installed, all it can do is save you money. Reduce your electric bill and your air conditioner’s maintenance costs while lengthening its life. On top of that, we offer a five-year warranty on the solar panel and motor of all units, and a ten-year warranty on all other components. How can you lose when you increase your comfort while reducing your spending?

Save money on your electricity bill, reduce your air conditioner maintenance costs, and extend the life of your air conditioner! If you think any of those are worthy causes, then you need to look into ventilating your attic! With absolutely no operating costs and our five- and ten-year warranties, what’s stopping you? Solar powered attic fans will make all the difference in your home!


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