A skylight is the best way to get natural daylight into an interior room, and a solar tube is the best way to get natural sunlight in from the roof. At The Solar Guys we use exclusively Solatube brand solar tubes. Why? We use them because they are the best on the market. With its advanced optics the Solatube system provides as much light as much larger conventional skylights.

These solar tubes, or tubular skylights, actually cost less than a window or skylight and because there is no structural reframing they are faster to install, about 2 hours if installed by one of our certified experts. So quit turning on lights in the daytime! That is not good for your budget or the environment. Another thing to consider is heat loss or gain; windows, including traditional skylights are one of the worst challenges to your indoor climate control. Tinted windows can do a lot to keep the heat either in or out, but why add a traditional skylight window when tubular skylights are less expensive and more effective.

Another big difference between traditional skylights and solar tubes is the consistency of light; Solatube tubular skylights give consistent light all day long. Also, in case your tubular skylight is too bright, there is a daylight dimmer available which lets you control the amount of light using a switch. Here is another great option; since many of those dark places are also likely to be stuffy, you can opt for a ventilation add-on kit, a two in one feature for increasing air flow without cluttering up limited ceiling space.

That is all well and good during the day, but what about at night? No problem, a tubular skylight can provide nighttime light from the same fixture. There are 2 options. The first is the light ad on kit allows you to have a bulb inside the tube which can be turned on with a switch after dark. The second is the Solatube smart LED system; the integrated LED light activates automatically when needed and can include an occupancy sensor so that the LED lights only come on when someone is in the room. Now THAT is going to save a lot of electricity!!

Solatube has the best roof piece that will not degrade or cause damage to your roof over time. Inside there are several styles of light fixture to choose from. You do not have to settle for an unappealing look.

If you are trying to keep your home energy efficient as well lit one of the most economical and efficient choices you can make is to contact The Solar Guys and find out what a Solatube tubular skylight can do for you!


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