A Solar Star Attic Fan Can Be Your Solution

The attic in any house can be the source of many problems; an attic fan can help solve many of them. Solar Star makes some of the best solar powered attic fans around, and The Solar Guys in central Florida can install the right one for you.

In Florida the two biggest problems with attics are heat and humidity. The first solution to this problem was to put gable vents in the walls of the attic at either end of the house. Like many solutions, this actually led to more problems. Infestations by rats, raccoons, wasps, bats, and other pests are even worse than the heat and humidity the vents solved. Passive vents like dormers and whirlybirds were better, but still not an active solution. Fortunately we now have access to an attic fan powered by solar energy; once installed they run at no cost and keep animals out.

Every home owner is concerned with preserving their property and saving money on utility bills. There are many things we can do to achieve these goals. Maintaining a reasonable indoor temperature and controlling humidity are key, but air conditioning can drive the electric bill up fast. Tinted windows will reduce cooling costs and protect furnishings from fading, solar tubes can bring light to dark areas of the home at little or no cost, and any use of solar energy will help defray those utility bills that increase every summer. However one of the best things you can do for your whole house is to get some ventilation to your attic and the best way to do it is with a Solar Star attic fan from The Solar Guys.

If heat and humidity build up in the attic the entire house will be hotter, requiring the air conditioner to work harder to keep it cool; this uses more electricity and shortens the life span of the air conditioning unit. The humidity will infiltrate the wood and insulation in the attic, causing the insulation to become less effective and the wood to mildew and rot.

Solar Star solar attic fans comes in 2 roof mounted options (depending on the size of the attic) and also has an interior mounted version for transforming an existing attic vent into a solar powered fan. They usually install in less than an hour, cost nothing to operate, have no electrical hook-ups (so no fire hazard), and are hurricane zone rated. An attic fan will also help keep the garage much more comfortable which means the things you store in it will not deteriorate.

So if you can only do one thing for your home, consider adding a Solar Star solar powered attic fan from The Solar Guys.


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